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    Excavator loading concrete recycling crusher

Environmentally Motivated

With decades of experience in construction, the management and operations personnel of Eco-Agg Concrete Recycling Ltd. are no strangers to the demands of this industry. Tight schedules and tight budgets can motivate contractors or operators to dispose of construction waste in ways that harm the environment.

Eco-Agg was born out of desire to provide long-term, ethically managed concrete waste disposal, with the aim to become an industry leader in providing recycled aggregate materials to the construction community. That this service would greatly improve existing machinery utilization wasn’t a bad motivation either!

Our track record with existing concrete waste disposal contracts have demonstrated our ability to reduce the carbon footprint, by way of our recycling process. Compared with some other recycling operations we use less space, burn less fuel and use less man power, resulting in a more efficient operation.

Recycling for the Environment

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