Recycled Concrete Aggregate

Recycled construction aggregates are recovered from demolition, re-engineered and reused as aggregate in road construction. Recycled aggregates come mostly from recycling concrete and asphalt, but may also include ceramics and glass.

The re-use of concrete and asphalt rubble from demolitions and re-paving projects has become the responsible thing to do. There is no need for these materials to fill up landfills when they can be turned into a usable product. Eco-Agg is committed to doing its part to facilitate the re-use of these waste products. Learn more about available LEED points for using recycled materials for asphalt or paving projects.

We provide a range of aggregate sizes which are used by environmentally responsible civil contractors as an alternative for gravel fill or a gravel road base.

Recycled Aggregate Sizes:

  • Asphalt Grindings
  • 3/4″ (20mm) Minus
  • 3″ (75mm) Minus
  • Custom sizes upon request

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